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In three decades as a professional in the Fortune 100 telecommunications technology industry, Beatrice Shaw achieved the role of Program Executive Director/Account Manager, managing 30+ projects simultaneously that generated $40 million in revenue. In her position with Ericcson (formerly Telcordia Technologies, Inc.) she led teams in New Jersey, the U.K, India and China working on program, product and financial management as well as process improvement opportunities. Prior to that role, she was Telcordia’s Regional Vice President, Southeast & Cable Markets with complete P&L and human resources responsibility. She is currently a contract consultant with AT&T Corporation where she started her career upon graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in computer science. Throughout her career, Bea’s excellence has been repeatedly recognized. She has won the CEO Individual Award for Customer Satisfaction and numerous other awards in the areas of new business negotiations, leadership, project planning, teamwork and cost reduction.


The Roswell, Georgia, resident also pursues her passion for business as she continues to support others in their professional pursuits while also pursuing her own entrepreneurial endeavors. Within two years of beginning this journey, Bea and her husband Calvin co-founded and managed a 10,000-member relationship marketing organization and as a result firmly solidified her position as a seasoned leader. She is now utilizing her unique mix of skills and talents as the Vice President of the WOW Network Alliance, an international online woman’s networking organization dedicated to the advancement of women everywhere through personal and professional education. Her ability to coach and lead also serves as a tremendous asset to the rapidly growing team she co-leads within Nerium AD. Her past experience and keen business instincts immediately drew her to the financial benefits of the Nerium AD opportunity. This type of insight is generally only reserved for early adopters to enjoy and now because of her quick response, drive and determination she has been able to ‘share the Nerium dream’ and her team is currently positioned toward even greater growth due to Nerium’s wildly successful first year.


In addition to her business success, Bea has a tremendous heart and dedicates her time and energy toward the betterment of all children. Bea currently serves on the Board of the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit that delivers life plan coaching to youth in foster care, those aging out and homeless youth ages 12-24 and was able to fill the foundation’s 2011 funding gap by helping to raise over 7k within a 3 week period. Her contributions are well noted and documented as she strives to create long-term strategic and support based alliances for the Orange Duffel Bag. Due to her soft spot for children, Bea continues to work within the WOW Network’s charity arm, WOW Gives, and uses her talents to lead various functions such as, Cupcakes for a Cause in support of the Living Water for Girls Foundation and Cocktails and Connections for Juvenile Diabetes. Bea is quoted as saying ‘Children bring life, laughter and meaning to our lives.  Some children are forgotten and do not have the opportunities for a home, education and even a childhood. These are the same children that grow into adults who have the odds stacked against them even before they have a chance to get started.” It is because of her love of people, young and old plus her commitment toward growth and excellence that Bea is able to continue to be a blessing to all that come her way. 

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